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If you are someone who is constantly on the look out for new diets that promise weight loss, then you should definitely reconsider your lifestyle, and making choices that allow you to maintain your weight in the long term and not just offer temporary solutions for weight loss.

If you do wish to lose weight and then maintain it for a lifestyle, it is important that you forget about the following few habits.

Putting a ban on food!
The festive season will want you to fit in to your favorite clothes, clothes that have been lying in your closet, but you haven’t had a chance to wear them because you have put on a few pounds. However, you shouldn’t put a ban on food during this time, so that you lose a little weight, just to fit in to that dress. When you start banning food that you love, you will note that this will just increase your cravings even more.

Instead, eat what you wish, however, do it in moderation.

Not getting enough sleep
When you do not get enough sleep, you will note that it will affect your sleeping habits. You will devour a buttery croissant and not even realize it. Sleep does affect your eating habits, you crave food that may not be ideal for weight loss, and you may eat than you usually do. So, make sure that you get enough sleep, this is infact the best idea and most fun to maintain weight.

Crash diets
Resist the urge to get on that crash diet to lose weight. Your colleagues, friends and everyone around you may be ranting about how great it is, bur resist it. A crash diet will only help you temporarily, and once you have achieved your ideal weight, you will note that your cravings will return and you will want to start eating again and put on all that weight, that you had so willfully lost.

Binge drinking
Avoid drinking your heart out. Alcohol tends to lower your inhibitions and makes you indulge in mindless eating, which of course leads to weight gain. Again, enjoy your drink, drink in moderation.

Skip meals
Skipping meals is the worst thing that you can do to lose weight. When you skip a meal, you may not feel the pinch right there, but when the time for your next meal comes closer, your stomach will start talking to you, and you will eat more that you ideally should. And, if it’s lunch you are skipping, and eating a large dinner, and then hitting the sack for a good night’s rest, you will note that your body is not getting any exercise, therefore, not burning any calories, and hence you are not losing ay weight in the process.

So, work towards building a regimen that allows you to maintain your weight in the long run as apposed to offering you sudden weight loss, that is indeed not going to last you a very long time.

You should get in touch with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or speak with a Homeopath who can help you with natural and herbal ways in which you can lose and maintain your weight for a long time.



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