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What you eat, seriously affects your health. You are probably aware or have heard about the body’s acid-alkaline balance and how it plays a crucial role in determining long-term health as well as longevity. Foods on being digested, absorbed and metabolized will release either an alkaline or an acid base in to one’s blood.

Foods such as fish, meat, poultry, cheese, salt, milk and shellfish produce acid. When one consumes a lot of these, the body tends to become acidic and therefore, does not allow for absorption of essential minerals. People who do not take necessary precautions and do not balance their diet with alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetable will face trouble in the long run. An unbalanced diet can lead to weak bones, muscles and joints, it can cause heart and kidney disease,
diabetes and a host of other health issues as well.

Identification of the problem is important. There is no particular food that can cause a problem, a problem arises with cumulative effect, when the diet being followed is highly acidic. It starts eating away your health, and slowly you deteriorate in to bones that are not so strong and other illnesses.

So, how do you deal with this? How do you give your body the right balance of acid-alkaline. To start with, you could reduce the servings of alkaline foods in your diet. Increase your intake of green vegetables and fresh fruits. The best part is that they not only help facilitate alkaline intake, but they also reduce calorie intake and reduce the impact of acidic foods.

To introduce alkaline foods in to your diet, start with a salad, make it a part of your diet, at least once in a day. Leafy greens like mustard greens, endive, kale or collard are a good choice. Top up your salad with peppers, broccoli, sprouts, asparagus and parsley too. You could also add on some lime juice, vinegar and pepper as well. Pumpkin seeds can be a great addition to your salads too. Switch to sea salt as apposed to table salt. Choose to cook with apple cider vinegar and not balsamic vinegar. Try and let go of your coffee habit and switch to a more herbal ginger tea. Radishes are great and you could also include mandarins, tangerines, berries and cantaloupe in your diet as well.

Vegetable juices are great to quench your thirst in the summer and choose avocado instead of butter on your bread to avoid acidic foods in your diet. Green leafy vegetables indeed have a positive effect on your diet and therefore, you should eat as much as you can to avoid other infections and maintain a great acid-alkaline balance in your body.

To learn more, you could speak with a registered holistic nutritionist and also consult a homeopath.

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