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A diet that is rich in fast food is not nutritious to say the least. A diet that only consists of fast food can not only cause diabetes, hypertension and weight gain, but it can also be the leading cause of you being prone to asthma, allergies and many other skin problems.

If you were to note a commonality, you would see that the problem is that of inflammation. Inflammatory pathways tend to get highly influenced when the body consumes high amounts of non-nutritional fat.

If you are looking for more reasons, a few of them are highlighted below:

It makes you unhappy: High consumption of fast food can lead you to being depressed, this is because a diet that is fast food driven, often does not contain essential nutrients that one needs like omega 3 fatty acids and B Vitamins.

Risk of Alzheimer’s: A diet build on fast food, makes you more likely to contract Alzheimer’s. Fast food lacks the essential that are needed to keep one’s mind strong. Vitamin E found in almonds, other antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables keep the mind strong and are lacking when you only consume fast food.

Prostate cancer: Men who eat a lot of fast food could be at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.

Eating a balanced diet and getting adequate exercise is essential to keep the body healthy. So, why spend all your hard earned money on food at the local burger joint or eat deep fried food, when you can gain holistic goodness from beautiful and fresh fruits and vegetables. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn about a diet that can help stave your cravings and keep you healthy and happy. You could speak with a Homeopath to in order to gain an insight into natural solutions for healthy living.

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