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Yes, you are pregnant, you have that beautiful glow on your face and every one around you is jumping for joy and waiting for the little one to arrive. If you wish to stay healthy during through the entire term, you have to exercise. Exercising during this time has a host of benefits; of course you have to listen to your doctor first.

The most important benefit is that it helps you control your weight, not only during your pregnancy, but also after you have brought the little one home. It also helps reduce stretch marks, and most importantly it ensures that you and your little one are healthy. When you exercise and maintain good and healthy eating habits, you will have a superb delivery as well.

A few more benefits are highlighted below:

1) Maintain weight gain: Consult with your doctor and find out what the ideal weight gain should be during your pregnancy. Also find out what healthy exercises you can follow to maintain your weight gain during pregnancy. Exercise during pregnancy will help you maintain a health weight gain.

2) Avoid Cesarean: When you exercise during your term, your body will be stronger and you will be able to have a normal delivery and it will help lower the chances of a cesarean.

3) Sleep Well: Exercising will help you sleep better and therefore help in making you feel rested, less stressed and will also help in better development of the child.

4) Postpartum weight loss: When you exercise during your pregnancy, it helps you maintain your weight during the time and in fact also helps accelerate weight loss after child birth.

5) Energy Levels: Some women have no energy left by the end of the term, however, if you keep your body active, you can keep your energy levels high.

6) Feel Better: When you exercise, and look great, it will work on your self-esteem, in fact it also helps keep depression and anxiety at bay.

7) Pregnancy discomforts: Pregnancy brings with a number of health problems and women often are extremely uncomfortable during this time. However, if you exercise, you will note that you are not as distressed during this time when you get plenty of appropriate exercise.

8) Recovery Time: Exercising during pregnancy also ensures that you recover more quickly.

If you exercise regularly, you may have to consider revising your schedule a bit. However, if you are not exercising at all, it is important that you start, but do slowly and ease in to it.

The tips mentioned below are great to start:

1) Make sure that you drink a lot of fluids before you start exercising

2) Stretch, but do not over do it

3) Exercise at least three times a week

4) Do not pick heavy weights

5) Do not exercise so much that you feel breathless or feel exhausted

6) Avoid exercises that need you to lie on your back in the second and third trimester as this would block blood flow to the baby

Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn what foods can help you keep feeling healthy during this time. Also consult with a Homeopath to learn what natural options you have to have a beautiful pregnancy term.

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