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You have probably heard about the ill effects of soda, and how it should definitely be avoided by your children. However, do you know why soda is bad. If you were aware of what its contents can do to your body over time, you will make an extra effort to keep it away from your grocery list, grocery bag and your child’s mind.

It is becoming very important that more people are aware of the ill effects that sugar can bring upon them. It deteriorates the body from the inside and can cause a host of ills in the long run. Knowing about this ills will motivate you to cut down on its consumption. Sugar here, refers to HFCS or high-fructose corn syrup and it is found in many soda drinks as well as processed foods.

Some people call sodas ‘disease in a can’. Studies have stated that on an average Americans consume up to 60 gallons of soft drinks in a year. Each can of soda contains more than 10 teaspoons of sugar, and if you were to do the math, it would mean that it is a lot of sugar that is being consumed.

The average consumption of soda in a day is known to be at 32 teaspoons a day. This includes a can of soda and many other sugar-laden foods. This is a lot more than the body’s required quantity of sugar. This is a very important factor that leads to obesity.

Soda does not contribute in terms of nutrition at all. In fact it has an effect that depletes nutrients from your body. The crazy amalgamation of chemicals and tap water that has been carbonated to make sodas creates havoc in your body’s ecosystem.

If you were to make a comparison between HCFS and jet fuel, it would go as follows. Jet fuel is like HCFS to your car. If you add jet fuel to your car, it is going to completely ruin your engine and it will burn out. This is what HCFS does to the human body.

If you are under the misconception that diet soda is any better, then you should know that it is not. In fact, some studies state that it is worse. It contains aspartame, which is known to cause a host of side effects that can be detrimental to one’s health, worse that what the sugar laden counterpart will cause.

Why are we so addicted?
Well, the answer is very simple, sugar is simply addictive. Various studies and research has stated that sugar has the same effects on the human brain and activates the same pathways that drug consumption would. It’s not as potent, but it does keep you coming back for more.

Therefore, be careful and avoid sodas as much as you can to keep your children healthy. Speak with a registered holistic nutritionist to learn about drinks that you can replace with sodas. A homeopath too will be able to guide you on how you can learn to resist the urge to guzzle down sodas with your favorite pizza.


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