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If you travel often between time zones, you are definitely more than familiar with Jet lag – that sluggish feeling that makes you feel tired and weary often for days together. Seasoned travellers know how to prevent jet lag, certain true and tested tricks always help, like avoiding alcohol, sleeping on the plane and drinking a lot of water on board so as to avoid headaches.

However, there are other ways too that can do the trick and can help you feeling great when you arrive at your destination. One of the most important things you can do to avoid jet lag is getting light exposure at the right time. Simply follow the tips below so that you can reach your destination refreshed and do not have to worry about gulping down excess amounts of coffee to stay awake.

Light intake
Our body clock’s are extremely sensitive to the time that we view light at. Light tendsto increase melanopsin, which is an alertness protein and it suppresses melatonin. Make sure that you get some sleep when you usually do, if there is light outside then wear dark glasses or even an eye mask will do. Artificial light exposure works fine as well, so get some light and trick your body into thinking that it is day time.

Get with the new Time Zone
When you take off, make sure to set your watch to the time of the destination you are travelling to. This helps in adjusting your mind to the new time zone that you are travelling into, even much before you arrive. Your body takes one day per time zone to adjust, so it helps that you start the process of getting used to the new time zone a few days before you are supposed to leave.

What are You Eating and When are You Eating?
To avoid jet lag, eat high protein foods like eggs, meat and chicken in the morning or afternoon. These foods help build alertness. Try eating an early dinner meal so that you can digest your food easily. Try and keep foods that would disturb digestion like caffeine and spices. Try and include small portions of sleep inducing carbohydrates like rice and pasta.

Drink more water!
You may haveprobably heard this ton of time, but if you still feel jet lagged at the end of your flight, the chances are that you are not drinking enough. Water is extremely critical when you are travelling. At high altitudes, your body tends to feel dehydrated, and this could lead to you getting headaches and feeling tired.

Get Up on time…but do not stress yourself!
The light exposure trick is important. When you land, wear sunglasses for a few hours so that your body can adjust itself to the new time zone gently.

Watch the clock
When you reach your destination, try and forget how you are feeling and try and adjust your mind to behave according to the time at your destination. However, if you do feel revved up as the day is just winding down, do not pop in that sleeping pill but opt for the melatonin that will not cause you to feel drowsy the next day.

Follow these simple tricks and you can indeed prevent jet lag and have a great trip. You could also meet with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist before you take off on your trip so as to understand what foods you should include and exclude from your diet to prevent that groggy feeling and stay alert. You could also meet with a Homeopath to find some natural alternatives to keeping your mind awake and alert.






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