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Heart attack is the leading cause of death for a large number of people all throughout the world. Chances are that you may one of those who experiences a heart attack, but if you are prepared and know what you can do to save yourself by taking care of a few things.

Call for medical assistance immediately and work towards being prepared to survive heart attack when you may be alone.

Learn the Signs: It is important that you know what the symptoms of a heart attack are. The typical symptoms include a fullness or tightness in the chest, pain that starts from the chest and shortness of breath. Those these may be more or less the main warning symptoms, some people may not experience these symptoms at all. Patients may experience the symptoms below or a combination of the symptoms mentioned below.

1) A chest pain that seems to have come up after exertion
2) Rapid heart beat of palpitations
3) Pain in the upper abdomen that lasts for up to several minutes
4) Heartburn
5) Discomfort in teeth, neck, jaw or arms
6) Fainting, lightheadedness and nausea
7) Profuse sweating
8) Feeling ill

How can you be prepared?
If you have a history of heart disease, it is important that you carry around your prescription meds. If you need an oxygen cylinder, carry that as well. Make sure that you carry a card in your wallet that has a list of medicines, those that you use and those that you may be allergic to. It is important to prepare yourself, so that when a medical professional reaches you, they have the information needed to take appropriate actions.

Medical Attention
When you are certain that you are experiences the symptoms of a heart attack, call 9-1-1 immediately. The symptoms may be harmless, but if you are the least bit certain that you are having a heart attack, call for immediate medical assistance.

Don’t Drive

It may take some time for the medical assistance to arrive and if there is no one around to drive you, do not panic. It is dangerous to drive, as you may get unconscious while driving as well. If you are driving then you should stop the car, make a call, or take a ride from someone passing by.

Allow people to know

If you are in a crowded area and you experience a heart attack, let people know. If you condition tends to get bad, someone from the crowd, trained in CPR, may be able to help you and save your life.

If you are flying

Inform the flight attendant if you are experience the warnings signs of a heart attack, someone in the plane will be found to conduct CPR on you, in case your condition were to get worse. The pilots will also route the plan to the nearest road.

Stay Calm
It is important that you minimize activity. While waiting for medical attention to reach you, stay calm, do not move around, as this could worsen the effects of a heart attack.

Listen to you doctor
You have to pay special attention to your medical practitioner’s advice if you want to recover well. You have to make changes in your diet and in your lifestyle to reduce the risks of having a heart attack again.

Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn what foods you can eat to make your heart stronger. You should think about speaking with a homeopath too and get your hands on natural remedies that will protect your heart.


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