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Registered Homeopathic Practitioner Mississauga

At homeopathic plus centre we treat the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Our focus is to cure the individual not to suppress symptoms, like conventional medicine. We work with the bodies’ natural healing process and re-tune it so that its vitality (bodies own inner strength) is restored. Our Style of Homeopathy is Sequential Homeopathy.

Healing’ is a comparatively easy word, especially in its restricted sense as removal of the symptoms of illness – mostly physical and to an extent mental. But healing as the restoration of wholeness is quite another matter. As such in homoeopathy we do not treat the disease, we treat the whole person. The high and only mission of Homeopathic physicians is to restore the sick to health, to cure. And the highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest most reliable and most harmless way on easily comprehensible principles.


What is Sequential Homeopathy?

Sequential homeopathy seeks to use homeopathic remedies to “clear” or detoxify each insult to the immune system in reverse chronological order. It allows the system to cleanse and heal itself one layer at a time, rather than trying to tackle all the problems at the same time. This unlayering is accomplished through use of homeopathic remedies specific to each event’s components. The remedies are chosen based upon the person’s individualized “timeline” of personal history, inherited weaknesses, as well as by observing current symptoms, month by month, layer by layer.

Chronic Conditions:
Speak of mental, emotional and/or physical conditions that are slower in their onset, less immediate in intensity, longer in duration and more encompassing of the body as a whole.

Acute Conditions:
Speak of mental, emotional and/or physical conditions that are quick in their onset, marked in intensity, yet of limited duration and more localized to specific area(s) of the body.

Chronic Conditions commonly addressed with homeopathy include:

◦ Addictions
◦ Anger
◦ Anxiety
◦ Arthritis
◦ Asthma
◦ Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity
◦ Cancer
◦ Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
◦ Chronic Fatigue
◦ Constipation
◦ Depression
◦ Diarrhea
◦ Dizziness
◦ Headaches
◦ Heavy Metal Detoxifying
◦ Heartburn
◦ Hemorrhoids
◦ High Blood Pressure
◦ Impotence
◦ Incontinence
◦ Indigestion
◦ Insomnia
◦ Low Self-esteem
◦ Memory Loss
◦ Milk Intolerances
◦ Menopause
◦ Night Terrors
◦ Parasites
◦ Pre-menstrual Syndrome
◦ Prostatitis
◦ Rheumatism
◦ Sinusitis
◦ Skin Conditions
◦ Thyroid Disorders
◦ Ulcers
◦ Varicose Veins
◦ Warts
◦ Weight Gain
◦ Wheat Intolerance

Acute  Conditions commonly addressed with homeopathy include:

◦ Abscesses
◦ Allergies
◦ Bites
◦ Bladder Infections
◦ Bleeding
◦ Burns
◦ Colds
◦ Colic
◦ Coughs
◦ Diaper Rash
◦ Ear Infections
◦ Flu
◦ Gall Bladder
◦ Gout
◦ Hives
◦ Mastitis
◦ Motion Sickness
◦ Nausea
◦ Physical Trauma
 (Bruising, Sprains, Strains etc.)
◦ Sore Throats
◦ Sinusitis
◦ Teething
◦ Vaginitis
◦ Yeast Infections