Technology may have made life convenient, but it has somehow managed to make work more stressful. Today, with so much convenience available at out fingertips, we are constantly juggling between things, to meet deadlines and get more done in less time.

This leaves us running from pillar to post, we spend most of our time at the office, on our desk, either buried in to our computers, or talking on the phone to clients who refuse to relent.

It is a well known fact that it is out stressful life and our posture at the office that causes back main in some of us. Just think about it, sitting in a slouched position for eight hours in a day, and five days in a week is definitely going to make you experience back pain.

Back muscles are known to weaken when they are not being used and joints start losing lubrication and begin to age faster. Knowing how to sit and a few other tips can indeed help you in the long run to keep your back aligned and stay fit in the long run.

135-degree angle
To help in reducing the compression of the disks in your spine, it is advisable that you sit at a 135 degree angle and lean back slightly now and then. You can do this when the phone rings, or when someone has stopped by at your desk to exchange pleasantries.

The ideal position for you is when your head is straight and your lower back has ideal support. You should not have to lurch forward to see your computer screen. Find a chair that has been ergonomically designed so that you are comfortable, when you are at work. 

Do Not Cross Your Legs
You may not even realize it, but you cross your legs sometimes while you are work. This could lead to a build up of pressure in your legs and also cause back pain.

Get Up
If your back is giving you too much trouble while you are at work, just get up. Walk around for a few minutes, every half an hour. Instead of sending an email to someone who is just a few minutes away from you on the same floor, use the opportunity to walk up to them and discuss the topic at hand. Get others involved and suggest a walking meeting, instead one that is in the conference room. Use the stairs once in a while and you will notice a change, your muscles will have released some tension and your posture would get some backing up and your eyes would get a welcome break.

A few tips can indeed help you get rid of your annoying back pain. Speak with a registered Holistic Nutritionist and get some tips on diets that will help strengthen your back muscles. You should also get in touch with a Homeopath to learn about herbal remedies that can help keep your back strong.