You may not realize it, but from time to time, your body needs a detox. The word detox basically means to provide vigor or vitality to, and when you indulge in a detox or a cleanse, you are preparing your body for vitality.

The lymphatic system in the body needs to be puckered up so that it can get going and so can you. Prepare to bounce around the city, and do your chores with renewed enthusiasm with simple tips that can help with your detox.

The reason why the lymphatic system needs to be paid attention to is because it is responsible for carrying away all the waste from the cells and the bloodstream to the organs that are ideally responsible for elimination.

If detox is not done, lymph fluid will tend to become sluggish and the nodes will get clogged, this will reduce its ability to filter the waste. This toxic overload that gets created could cause the onset of various disease.

Herbs are a great way to detoxify the lymphatic system and a few herbs that must make it to your detox list include: red clover (blood cleansing and anti tumor properties), burdock root (prevents the body from chemical poisoning), Echinacea (stimulates the immune system) and dandelion (stimulates the liver and absorbs various toxins).

Purge and Cleanse Your System
Purge yourself from any kind of processed foods and white flour. This list includes foods such as: meat, pesticides, preservatives, chemicals, junk food, sugar, heated oils and fats.

For an optimal detox drinks lots and lots of water, ideally you should consume water that amounts to half your body’s weight in ounces.

Another great way of flushing out toxins from your system is to consume half a cup of water, which has a lemon juice squeezed in to it, early in the morning. In fact, beet root and carrots too are great foods for a detox. Dandelion tea serves as a diuretic that does not remove potassium from your body but works towards stimulating the liver. Consuming this tea, three times a day can be extremely helpful. Cucumbers are filled with water and work towards flushing out toxins from the body. Indulging in these tips can cleanse your body of various toxins and keep you healthy.

It is indeed the worst thing that you are doing to yourself when you do not move your body.

Movement creates the fluid in the lymphatic system to move and therefore circulate and remove toxins that have been stored. When people live sendentary lifestyles, the fluid can collect in one’s body and this will affect the lungs as well as the heart. Running, jogging or a brisk walk can do the trick.

Eat Right!
There is a list of foods that will help you remove excess water from your body. Cucumber for example is known to extremely rich in water and is a great source for potassium, B vitamins, fiber, phosphorous and magnesium. Salad greens are known to be rich in Vitamins A and C. Spinach makes it to the list as well, as it is a great source of calcium and doesn’t cause mucus build up like dairy products.

Water Therapy
Water therapy is a great way to get the lymphatic system moving as well. Alternating with hot and cold water can really help with this.

So, go ahead and try these foods and great tips to get your lymphatic system moving and getting that spring in your step. You can also choose to speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist as well as a Homeopath to learn what else you can include in your diet to create the best detox.