There has been an enormous increase in anaphylactic allergies in the last 20 years. A large number of kids are usually the victims and it is very sad.

A few studies suggest that introducing peanuts early on may be a good idea to prevent peanut allergies. However, this is all right when the microbiome, digestive tract and immune system is still not developed properly. However, if you are willing to invest some time and energy, there could be ways by which you could decrease the risk of these allergies altogether.

When foods are introduced in the right order, the chances of decreasing anaphylactic allergies decreases significantly. This helps support the microbiome, which will be in line with the overall proper growth of the human body.

A few reasons why you should wait are listed below:

Establishing the microbiome
The human body has an ecosystem which consists of microbes called the microbiome, and it lives within the digestive tract. The foundation of these is established only by the age of 3. Only if the microbiome is developed and established properly will the immune system follow suit and this will determine how one develops allergies.

Digestive Tract Lining
The lining of the gastrointestinal tract needs to be better developed. The one we are born with is leaky, hyperpermeable and porous and therefore we need to be very careful as to what goes into it, as on the other side of this tract is 80% of our immune system. Therefore, it is advisable to wait until the digestive tract is fully developed.

Wait for the immune system to mature!
The immune system only matures when you are about 7 years of age. To ensure that it reacts properly to foods that may be allergenic, it is advisable that we wait for it to mature completely.

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