Were you aware of this simple fact, that we will be unable to survive without salt. Sodium found in salt is very essential as it is responsible to carry out vital processes in the body like that of maintaining fluid balance, regulate the volume of blood in the body, ensuring nervous system is carried out perfectly, ensuring muscle coordination and facilitating heart function.

When sodium is eliminated in out body in the form of sweat, it needs to be replaced so that health electrolyte balance can be maintained. If this does not happen, sodium levels will drop dramatically and one may feel fatigued, dizzy, weak, have headaches and may vomit. Severe cases of sodium deficiency could cause serious effects to health. Sodium is known as a trace mineral, it cannot be produced by the body, and hence has to be taken so that the body performs its functions optimally.

High levels of salt intake are often associated with heart disease. However, this is still being debated. Holding off on the intake of salt is not advisable, the kind of salt you eat should be looked at.

Table salt, which we normally consume on all the food we eat, undergoes major processing and contains added chemicals. Choose to use natural salts like Sea Salt, Celtic Sea Salt and Himalayan salt. These are unrefined and go through minimum processing with no additives.

It’s that simple. Your body needs salt. Do not deprive it, choose natural salts instead. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can lead a healthy life by simply switching your type of salt.