Most athletes are petrified of delving deep into the nuances of sports nutrition because it seems difficult. However, this is not so, as the rules are relatively simple and once you learn the basics, you can be assured, that making it a way of life is as easy, and once you do so, you can be on your way to spectacular sports performance every time.

A few tips that can help you build a habit of following a healthy diet are detailed below:

Balanced Diet
In order to perform to the best of your abilities and continuously you have to keep injecting your body with sources of energy. The best way to do so, is by eating a balanced diet. Start with a high-powered breakfast, and continue through the day with high quality foods. We are all aware that carbs are required to keep the sources of glycogen in check, fiber, fats and protein should be a part of one’s daily diet as well.

Hours Before You Workout
Meals should be prepared and consumed according to your work out schedule. For instance, if you are working out in the evening, your lunch should ideally include foods that are easy to digest, they should be high in complex carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits, pasta and bread. Try making a big helping of your favorite salad. You could also include some lean meat such as fish or chicken depending on your preference.

If you tend to work out early in the morning, you should ideally eat a light breakfast, comprising of one egg, toast and fruits. Make sure that you consume a lot of water, before and after you work out in the morning.

What Should You Eat 30 Minutes Before Your Workout
Half an hour before you get in to your work out, pump up your energy sources with some water and a snack.

What Should You Consume During Your Workout
It is important that your body remains sufficiently hydrated during your work out and therefore, it is important that you drink enough water to sustain your performance.

A few tips can indeed help you change the way you perform during a game and even when you are working out. Work towards building a diet that is helpful and follow some simple rules that will help you stay strong and healthy.