There are a few myths that surround sleep and for one reason or another, they have spread like wild fire and people start believing in them, and they are simply far from the truth. Here, we are going to discuss a few sleep myths that will help you burst the bubble.

1) Catching up on lost sleep
It is a myth that you can catch up on lost sleep during the week on a weekend. Though it may seem like a great idea and you may indeed be tempted to sleep all you desire on the weekend, your body should stick to a regular schedule that is followed everyday, so that you can sleep and wake up at a normal time.

2) Workouts in the evening
People keep talking about how if they have a good workout in the evening, they will find it easy to fall asleep, however, it is not so, and it is important that a regular exercise routine is followed to ensure good sleep. However, what needs to be paid attention to is that must not hit the bed at least three hours after a work out. The body should be in a cooled down state to achieve good sleep.

3) Older People
It is widely believed that people who are old tend to need less sleep, however that is not true. As people grow older, their sleeping patterns simply change. They do not need less sleep, they need as much sleep as an older person would need. Older people may sleep less during the night, but they make up for that sleep by taking naps in the day time.

4) Rest your brain
You may have heard people saying, to go to sleep and give your brain some rest. Not true. Sleep does not relieve your brain, it allows your body to rest, the brain is working full time, controlling other functions of the body.

5) Falling Back Asleep
Getting up and walking around is only going to make it more difficult for you to all asleep. Not true. Try getting up after 15-20 minutes after you have anxiously tried to fall back to sleep and go to another room where you can simply sit down and read a book or may be listen to some relaxing music. Then you may find it easier to go back to sleep.

These are just some interesting myths about sleep that you may not have heard of. You should speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to know how you can eat right to sleep well. You should also may be speak with a homeopath to learn about some natural remedies that can help you achieve great sleep.