Add Magnesium to your diet! Here’s How!

Magnesium is an essential mineral for various physiological functions of the human body. It is very abundant in the human body as well. The human body relies heavily on this mineral as it plays a vital role in maintaining blood pressure, energy levels, recovery and also assists in sports performance. However, many of us could be deficient in this mineral, and if you are, it will show up in many ways.

It is vital that we identify these signs and make efforts to supplement our diet with magnesium. The good news is that magnesium is easily found and therefore, it can be easily included in our food habits to stay healthy.

A few ways in which you can include magnesium in your lifestyle are below:


Magnesium is present in a large number of foods that we eat. Nuts, seeds, leafy greens in the form of vegetables and fruits are a great way to include magnesium in your diet. Cacao powder is also extremely rich in magnesium and makes for a fun way to add magnesium to your diet.


Making sure your magnesium levels are in check can help combat high levels of stress. Magnesium nitrate or magnesium glycinate are good alternatives for supplements, and they get absorbed easily.

Bathe at Night!

Add Epson salts to your bath before you get ready for bed every night, it is a relaxing way to boost your magnesium levels, wash away your stress and cost effective too.

Apply Magnesium Oil

Applying magnesium oil topically can help relieve stress, wash away stress and muscle tension and can also help you sleep better. Be sure you get your hands on a good quality product though.


While you should take steps to add magnesium, you should also be mindful about not being wasteful with the reserved your body already has. Reduce refined sugar, gluten, tap water, table salt, caffeine and processed foods. These foods affect the body’s ability to absorb magnesium.

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