Life experience and science will both tell you that to age well, you have to focus on emotional wellness consciously. This will help you look younger, feel better, in fact, it will help.

To put it scientifically, you should know that emotional wellness is measured in what is known as telomeres. These are molecular timekeepers, which are at the end of your chromosomes that act like a knot at the end of a thread. They let the enzymes that are responsible for duplicating your DNA know that they are at the end of the strand and it is time to stop pulling.

When your telomeres are shorter, you tend not to age well emotionally, and this could put you at the risk of not just wrinkles, but greater things like heart disease, cancer and even early death.

So focus on taking care of your telomeres, and you can work towards living an emotionally rich and long life! Below are a few tips that will help you age gracefully.

Connecting positively and socializing with others can help significantly with elevating your mind, mood as well as your telomeres. It helps to reduce isolation, enables you to create meaning and also takes care of how you respond to stress.

The higher the level of social activity, the higher your chances of emotional wellbeing. Studies suggest that one must be in touch with at least six people to achieve a good state of mind.

Meditation is known to help in many ways; it helps control anxiety, chronic pain, cortisol and many other illnesses. It also helps promote a positive mood, and the effects are known to show immediately after the first conscious cycle.

Unlock Tension
Be cool. Be realistic and know that it is impossible to complete all the tasks that you have in one day. This will help you accentuate your flight or fight response, and you will start coping better with stress in the long run and age well both emotionally and physically.

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