Alcohol – healthy? Yes, you may be surprised, but let us tell you that we are not asking you to make it a way of life, but merely saying, that if you choose to have alcohol, select one from the list below so that it does not affect your health as much as other varieties of it.

Eating and drinking in moderation is key to good health, so even when it comes to these healthier alternatives for alcohol, it is essential that you follow the principle of fairness.

A few healthier choices are listed below:

Organic Saké

A Japanese rice wine that is made using fermented polished rice. The brewing process converts the natural starch into ethanol. It is quite potent and will require some getting used too. Choose the organic variety to ensure that the rice base is non-toxic and clean.

Sulphur-Free Red Wines – Organic

Well, alcohol is not recommended for good health, however, if you do wish to drink, get some antioxidants into your system while you are at it. Choose to opt for organic and sulphur free red wine, because the non-organic varieties are incredibly high in sulphites.

Gluten-Free, Live-Fermented Beer – Organic

Mass produced beer may not be the best bet if you are looking at a healthy life. Brewing your beer which is gluten-free may be a good idea or seek someone out in the near neighbourhood that could provide you with their unique brand of gluten-free, live fermented and organic beer.

Home-Fermented Ginger Beer – Organic

It may be a little higher on the sugar parameter, but if you are planning to brew some of your own, this could be adjusted. You could also add in a little extra ginger for great anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits.


Mildly alcoholic, when mixed with other alcoholic beverages like organic champagne it offers quite a tasty delight.



So, go for it, if you are going to drink, then try and drink healthy. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can have some fun by going natural.