Today, more than ever, we consume sugar unknowingly as it is a part of so many packaged foods that we consume. We have it with tea, coffee and also consume it when we have baked goods or other confectionary items.

It is indeed going to be difficult to remove it altogether from one’s diet, but reducing its consumption by opting for alternate sources of sugar is a good idea.

However, you need to be careful. The substitutes found in the market today are synthetic and are not really any better than real sugar. In fact a few of them may consume components that could be cancer causing as well.

Read on to learn some natural and healthy alternatives for Sugar, that can turn your life around.

Stevia, a herb that come from South America, is known to be 300 time more sweeter than sugar. In fact this herb has been used for centuries in Japan and South America.

Stevia does not have any calories and since the glycemic impact is non-existent, it becomes suitable for those suffering from diabetes and for those who like to watch their weight as well.

Coconut Palm Sugar
Usable granules can be achieved when the sap of the coconut palm is heated and the water is left to evaporate.

This coconut sugar is not only widely used because it has a low glycemic index, but is also very nutritious. It tastes a lot like brown sugar, but is slightly on the richer side.

Coconut sugar can be used instead of traditional sugar, practically everywhere.

Raw Honey
Honey has been used as a remedy for various health ailments for centuries. It helps treat digestion problems, ulcers and seasonal allergies as well. Raw honey has anti-biotic and antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

It can be used in milk, tea and various other meal preparations as an alternative to sugar.

Speak with your Registered Holistic Nutritionist and your Homeopath to learn more about natural alternatives to sugar so that you can stay healthy and live well.