Carbon or activated carbon is truly one of the finest botanical substances you can find today. This substance has been around for centuries, used extensively in the time of Hippocrates.

The name is derived from the process used to make it. Controlled charring of the starting material, willow bark or Salix alba and then using steam, air to oxidise it at elevated temperatures, this increases its absorption properties as the process helps develop fine pores in the material.

Use Carbon for your benefit

Colon Disease
It works well to treat all diseases related to the colon as it has many benefits for the intestine. It helps counteract flatulence and helps get rid of the foul odors in the colon or in the intestinal tract.

Carbon to remove plaque and whiten teeth
You will not find a single substance in the market that can do the work carbon does on your teeth. It has such amazing whitening and brightening powers, excellent teeth whitener, and oh so natural.

It also works well to remove the acidic plaque that has formed. The ideal alternative to expensive and chemical ridden whitening, stain and plaque removal products available in the market.

Counteract issues caused by ingesting poison
In case of accidental consumption of poison, chemicals etc. a glass of carbon infused water can help counteract its effects.

Activated Charcoal also helps in fighting addiction to chemical substances.

Speak to a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or speak with a homeopath to learn how you can use the benefits of Activated charcoal to your benefit to lead a better and healthier life.