I came to Dr. Suri’s office in desperation because I was suffering from mania, delusions, anger, and paranoia.  My symptoms were severe and

I had been to many psychiatrists for 16 years and also tried many psychiatric medications and hospitalizations with no hope of getting better.

I couldn’t hold a job for more than a couple of months and had a history of going back to school and changing jobs and quitting because my psychosis and fatigue constantly interfered with my daily life.

I also had problems with my memory and the ability to organize myself or focus and basic hygiene because I was so ill.  The chronic fatigue was so overwhelming, so that I could not do much most days and also had diarrhea and major sensitivities to foods.

The psychiatric medications I was taking caused a lot of weight gain and thyroid problems.  On top of that, my life was constantly up and down with emotional mood swings, violent behaviours, and delusions.  I also had problems with hot flashes and an inability to sleep because of a failure to produce sex hormones, which left me infertile at the age of 39.  On top of this, I also experienced severe seasonal allergies, and kept switching allergy brands with no relief for 2 years.

I finally found out about Hermeet Suri, from a woman at a supermarket who told me that she had been cured of mental illness and food sensitivities by seeing him. It was her enthusiasm over her being cured that gave me hope.

After the first week of Hermeet’s treatments, I noticed that my energy increased to a huge degree and my anger and social anxiety began to disappear. After about three months of treatment, I completely stabilized, with no more mood swings or delusions.  After 6 months, I was finally able to sleep without taking anything for the first time in my life and my hot flashes and migraines disappeared.

Before I went to Dr. Suri, I had already detoxed off of psychological medication and was in bad shape mentally.  I did not expect him to cure me. In fact, I expected him to just reduced my symptoms, but he cured me completely to the point where I am working full-time and studying.  My mind and body have healed to a large degree.  I lost twelve pounds from a natural thyroid supplement he recommended and my seasonal allergies are gone!

I have so much self-control and feel completely confident in my ability to handle life and relationships. I am now planning with my husband to have a baby because I am well now, and Hermeet is confident that he can make this possible even though my regular doctor (specialist) cannot figure out the cause of my infertility.

In short, Hermeet Suri has saved my life and my marriage. He is the most competent holistic doctor I know. I have tried other homeopath and neuropath in Mississauga and nobody was able to cure me in the last 15 years. Hermeet is the only holistic doctor that can actually work miracles.  I have recommended him to others who have severe debilitating mental illness, and they also have been cured.

If you suffer from any mental disorder, he will save your life and you will be symptom free without psychiatric medications.  Call him and change your life today