I was suffering from anal fissures after the birth of my first child. Some days it was so painful that I would just sob for hours. I tried the fiber diet that just made it worse. I tried all the information on the web I could find but to no avail. I would depend on sitz baths all the time because sitting was so painful. The doctor prescribed Diltiazem and the Botox Injection and it did nothing much for the situation. The only solution they gave me was lateral sphincterectomy. That was when I decided to turn to alternative medicine. During my visit to India, I went to a homeopath who prescribed me pills with a short questionnaire. It worked for a week but then I was back to the same pain because it was not targeted for the actual problem. Not giving up, I then looked up Homeopathic clinics in Mississauga and called Mr. Hermeet Suri. Right from the very first conversation over the phone, he was very positive about helping me with this problem. During my first visit, he went through a list of questions using a software to narrow down the possibilities of a remedy that would work. It takes time to go through the data gathering but it was totally worth the time. He took great interest and kept reminding me to keep my answers honest because it was essential in finding the right remedy. He gave me an initial potion that just magically made the pain and swelling go away. It took a couple sessions to narrow it down some more but the remedies given at the clinic helped a lot. He was very patient and took the time to work with me on trying to cure the problem. It was so easy to communicate with Hermeet as he checks email so often and is flexible with office visits as well. In addition to focusing on the fissures, he also tried to bring the body to a healthier stage by discussing diet and body pH values. I am much better now and have renewed faith in homeopathic medicine. I am recommending it to everyone I know. Homeopathy WORKS!!!