The process of taking care of one’s skin should begin very early in life. One must develop a beauty regimen from the early teens so that aging is never a problem…taking care of one’s skin is a way of life and one stays forever beautiful.

A few natural tips that can help you fight those signs of ageing and stay young are as follows:

Sesame Oil
Use sesame oil early in the morning…apply it all over your body, and once you have a shower, it will simply wash away all the dead cells, hydrate your skin and keep you glowing.

Fish oil
Products that are anti-inflammatory in nature are the best anti-ageing aids out there. They help improve one’s immunity, keep heart health in check, they help hair grow and they keep one’s skin looking supple.

Drink Coffee Quickly
If you drink your coffee quickly, you avoid the risk of stained teeth. When you have coffee slowly over an hour, you could tend to getting it stained quickly.

Stay off the foundation
Try and avoid using foundation everyday. It tends to settle in to the wrinkles and they get more noticeable. Use a concealer in places you think you need it.

Follow a simple routine
Make taking care of your skin a part of your life. You can ensure that your skin stays young and healthy, for as long as you wish by simply making sure that it is cleansed, nourished and protected.

Avoid White Sugar
Reducing the amount of white sugar that forms a part of your diet can help you stay young. Sugar tends to weaken the collagen in your skin and could lead to premature sagging and wrinkles.

Use it as a Scrub Instead
You can use it in the shower and lather it along with a mild cleanser all over your body. It makes the skin soft and makes it ideal for application of make up.

Eat Right!
Include foods in your diet that help keep your skin glowing and keep you active too.

You should get in touch with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or a Homeopath to learn about some natural ways for turning back time.