Have you been looking for that one thing that will help you reduce your appetite, curb those nasty sugar cravings and also help improve your digestion? Yes, then apple cider vinegar may be your answer to everything.

A few facts about this miracle tonic are listed below:

Apple Cider vinegar helps reduce blood sugar levels when consumed before a meal

It is known that when you drink apple cider vinegar before a meal, it helps reduce your blood sugar levels.

When a craving hits you, consume two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 6 ounces of water, and it will help moderate your blood sugar levels, and this will lead to your craving dying down. The tartness that is generated on your tongue too will die down.

Helps you feel fuller longer by slowing the process of digestion

When consumed, the vinegar helps the food in the stomach stay there longer, which ensures that ghrelin, the hunger hormone, is reduced, and you feel fuller faster and for a more extended period.

It works towards improving insulin sensitivity

When you consume apple cider vinegar during a meal that is high in carbs, it helps improve the sensitivity of insulin by up to 34% and allows for the levels of blood glucose level and insulin response to decreasing.

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