A lot of people today are becoming extremely conscious about the food they consume and rightly so. It is important to know where the food that you eat comes from, the values of the company that make it, what it contains and whether it has been made keeping in mind a clean environment.

Illness is all around us, and it is because of the food that we put in our bodies. The food we eat, becomes us, and we as continue to feed our body foods that have been pumped with these antibiotics, illness starts to creep up.

We can do our bit however to address this evil by becoming conscious consumers. Starting with getting rid of food-like products, when this is done, you automatically consume – less sugar, less refined ingredients and less factory to farmed meats as well.

If you cannot do without animal products, choose products that have been raised under ethical environments. Choose free range, grass fed products from farmers around your vicinity that have farming practices that are humane and sustainable.

A few things that you could do to be more conscious about what you consume so as to positively affect life around you is as follows:

– Delete package, processed foods from your shopping list and instead choose to opt for fresh and local produce
– There are many restaurants and cafes coming up that pride themselves on applying sustainable practices, choose to dine with them
– Choose to opt for glass, jute, natural and organic material containers instead of plastic
– Recycle and bring home a compost bin
– When it comes to beauty products make sure that they are cruelty free and eco friendly
– Increase the number of houseplants around your house, it will help cut the pollution in the air
– Get moving. Walk to the office. Walk to the supermarket. Ride a bike.
– Use cleaning products that are chemical free
– Choose to use items that are reusable, like diapers, paper towels and batteries
– Choose to shop at the local farmers market

Be a conscious consumer, be good to yourself and be good to life around you. Ethical and sustainable living is the way to go. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how the natural way is the best way forward for a healthy life.