Resisting a bag of salty potato chips is extremely difficulty, especially when you are used to opening a pack when you feel like it. You may have noticed, that every time you decide to switch off junk food, and start snacking on wholesome veggies, you will realize that you will start drifting away and start thinking about ranch dressing and those glorious golden fries. You will dig into those chips and then those pangs of guilt will haunt you, you will keep thinking about yourself, “why couldn’t you just walk away and where has your willpower disappeared?” Well, if you are looking for consolation, here’s it – it is not entirely your fault.

Some studies say that junk food can create an addiction, often one that can be compared to the addiction caused by cocaine. Therefore, when you crave junk food, it’s not because you have a weak will power but because the neurological system of the body simply demands it.

Addiction – The Cycle
You may call yourself a chocoholic, and you may not be able to resist the unhealthiest foods. A few foods lead you to creating dependencies and you may find it very difficult to stay away. Ten of the most addictive foods include: white bread, donuts, cake, pasta, chips, French fries, chocolate, cookies, candy and ice cream.

One of the main reasons why these items are bad for health is because they are overly processed. They have been robbed of all their nutrients due to processing that our bodies tend to absorb all the ingredients more easily. This could lead to spike in blood sugar and plummet equally fast. This creates a quick high, one that is created by alcohol and drugs.

With time some people tend to get desensitized to these spikes and they need more and more to get the high.

How can one end this cycle?
The best way to stop this cycle is not to let it start. While this is much easier to say that to do, there is a way to stop this cycle. The answer lies in thinking about food in a strategic manner.

To start with, shop more wisely. Do not stock up on processed food. Instead look for and shop for snacks that are healthy. Try and fill up your cart with fruits and vegetables instead of bags of chips, white bread and cheese. Pick up foods that contain antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, choose lean proteins, nuts and foods that have loads of fiber.

One’s willpower is known to be the strongest at the start of the day, and the lowest towards the end of the day. One should eat healthy foods towards the latter half and fill up on them stave off cravings.

If you indeed wish to lose weight, you have to learn how to get rid of these addictions to junk food. There are a number of health foods out there, that you should rather be addicted to. So, get in touch with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn which foods will do your body justice. A homeopath too can provide you with great natural supplements that will help you stay away from unhealthy junk food.