No one can deny that losing weight is easy. But, if you are smart about your weight loss program, you can be sure that you will lose weight without too much effort. You have to be disciplined and you have to stick to a diet that shows results without cheating. Yes, you may have a host of cravings, and you can give in to them from time to time, but first, let’s break a few myths, and you may not have to worry about cravings any more.

Eliminate Carbs…but do it slowly!
You may have heard a lot of experts talking about how you should immediately remove the element of carbohydrates from your diet if you wish to lose weight. Yes, it is true that reducing the content of carbs in your diet can definitely help you lose weight as it decreases your calorie intake and also optimizes fat-burning hormones.

There is a hierarchy that needs to be followed, first start by eliminating foods with added sugar and refined grains, right away. Then wait for at least three weeks, if the weight loss is slow, then you should remove the next carbohydrate on the list – that is – Whole grains and starches. This should be continued with time, remove the next carbohydrate in line every three weeks, this should be done, only if weight loss is slow, in case you are seeing good results, continue with the carbohydrates that you have been eating. The other carbs that you should consider removing in case your weight loss does not show as time progresses include: Fruit, Non Green Vegetable and Green Vegetables.

Don’t worry!
More often than not, when people are unable to stick to their diet plans, they feel bad and berate themselves, however this should not be the case. When you do slip up on a diet that was meant for weight loss, don’t beat yourself up; instead show yourself some compassion, as this will ensure that you are successful. Try and get more organized, keep a diary that allows you to review your indiscretions and that way you can analyze your progress and make adjustments accordingly.

Increase the amount of Protein Intake
Protein is ideal for weight loss as well as assists in building muscle. However, you have to be sure that you are not constantly bombarding your body with amino acids (building blocks for proteins) it can be counter productive. You have to pace yourself, you need to first spike the level of amino acids, then let them fall and then spike them again.

Eat Your Greens First
Try and eat as many green vegetables as you can in every meal. The more vegetables you eat, the lesser calories you will consume. Try and include a diet in every meal, it will fill you up and reduce cravings for foods that pack on the pounds.

Drink water and try and have unsweetened Tea
Try and displace drinks that are sweetened with sugar and replace them with green tea, herbal tea or even water.

When you follow a disciplined diet, you can be assured that you will start seeing positive results. Know what toe eat, when to eat and what to avoid and then you can successfully be on your way to losing weight, the fast and easy way.
You should get in touch with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or speak with a Homeopath, so that you can learn about the best foods to eat and also learn about herbal and natural remedies that you should take on for a healthy life.