Most people do not realise the importance of drinking adequate amount of water. Most often than not, a rude awakening in the form of a diseases, forces them to start adopting a healthy lifestyle. Be careful about what you should pay attention to in terms of your health, look out for signs, if you suffer from fatigue, dizziness, brittle nails and hair, dry and wirnkled skin, memory loss, cold toes and fingers, headaches, constipation, urinary tract infection or muscle pain, from time to time, it is a sign that you are not drinking enough water.

The human body is composed of 70% of water, this water is used for a host of bodily functions, and when there is lack of water, the body will automatically tap in to other fluid resources like cell fluid, blood, intra cellular fluid and even your urine and stools. When you do this, you tend to drain yourself internally and this will show on your physical as well as mental health.

Below discussed are a few reasons why you should increase your intake of water, in case you are falling short.

Your food will digest better
If you find yourself getting constipated often, it’s because your body needs more water. When you are dehydrated, your stools will be depleted of water and will be diffuclt to pass, and you will also experience discomfort. So, simply up your intake of pure water and you will experience relief.

Your mind stays sharp
If you wish for your mind to remain agile always, it would help if you increase your intake of water. In case you have bouts of forgetfulness, this is because your body is not getting enough water. Dehydration can cause you not to think properly as it could cause brain fog.

You just look better
When you start giving your body the adequate amount of water that it needs, you will notice that you automatically not only feel better, but you also look like a million bucks. But, if you wake up to a face that has sunken eyes, dark circles and a puffy face, it could be a warning that your kidneys need help. Drink more water, and you will notice a positive change.

The kidneys are responsible for filtering out the water, salts and toxins from your blood, in case your body is dehydrated, the kidneys will not be able to function properly, and the effects will show on your face.

Make your skin glow!
Two reasons are responsible for dry and wrinkly skin: lack of subcutaneous fat and water retention. In case you wish to look more youthful, you should adopt this simple but effective regime.

1. Waker up and splash some cold water on your face a couple of times.
2. Pat your skin dry, gently.
3. Drink a glass of chilled cold water, on a empty stomach.

So, get in touch with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how you can organize your diet so as to include more water in to it to stay healthy. You should also get in touch with a Homeopath who can offer you herbal and natural ideas on how to stay in the pink of health.