When an individual goes on a diet to lose weight, they lose fat as well as muscle. However, when you give up that diet and start eating normally, you will put on only fat. Muscle burns calories to the tune of seven times more than fat, which means that your metabolism gets slower, and therefore, in order to maintain your weight, you need lesser amount of calories as compared to what was needed when you started.

If you wish to lose weight you have to alter your lifestyle and your mind, you cannot depend on simply starving yourself. Increasing your metabolism is a good idea, so that you can continue to lose some calories all day, as you go about your daily routine. Stay away from diets that will reduce your metabolism and increase your hunger pangs.

We highlight a few reasons why your diet might fail, so pay attention and learn what not to do if you wish to lose weight and maintain it.

You bank on your will power, and not on science
It’s scientific, when you consciously eat less, you will feel more hungry. When you starve yourself, your metabolism will reduce, in order to save energy that your body needs. When you consume certain foods that are low fat, sugary and high on carbs, you will note that your metabolism will start reducing.

If you wish to succeed, you could choose to follow the tips mentioned below:

1) Eat only what you need to satisfy your hunger, make sure that it is rich in whole fresh foods
2) Include protein in your breakfast, and avoid eating three hours before you go to bed
3) Your meals should be composed such that they help lower insulin and balance blood sugar
4) The ideal meal should be composed of fat, protein and non-starchy, low glycemic carbs, such as beans, grains, lots of vegetables and fruits. When your diet contains fiber and protein, it helps reduce insulin spikes.

You obsess about calories, so you eat less and exercise more!
There are some calories that will work towards making you fat, whereas there are others, that will work towards not adding to your excess weight gain. When you eat food that spikes insulin in your system, it reduces your metabolism and hence your efforts of weight loss with excessive exercise will fail.

When it comes to calories, the following tips might help you:

1) Choose to eat foods that have a low-glycemic index. Chicken, fish, seeds, grass-fed meats and vegetables that are low glycemic should be on your diet
2) Only include half a cup of beans and grains in your diet, daily
3) Use sugar in very small amounts
4) Avoid artificial sweeteners

Low fat diet
Low fat has been a rage, but look at the people who only consume low fat food, it’s not really working. Instead of avoiding fat altogether, learn how to use it wisely, your body needs it.

A few ides that can help you use fat in your diet wisely are listed below:

1) Accept the idea that your body needs fat, it helps you feel full faster, increases your metabolism and also helps you loose weight
2) Include good fats in all your meals
3) Include vegetable fats in your diet such as nuts, seeds, oil, coconut butter and avocados
4) Make sure the animal fats you use in your diet are clean, include organic eggs, fish with omega 3 fatty acids, chicken and other grass-fed meats.

If you wish to learn more about how you can tweak your diet to lose and manage your weight, you should speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath for a healthy and happy life.