There will be a few days when you feel completely out of sorts, you will have no idea why you are feeling this way, and you will in all likeliness blame your hormones, the funny this is that you are probably right, the imbalance of hormones in your system can make you feel awful, it may influence how you eat, it can affect your weight, it can have an effect on your sex drive, your cycle and basically work towards putting your entire system in a different place.

You could attribute the changes in your health to the habits that you have. A few changes here and there in the way you eat and what you eat can indeed keep your hormone levels in check. So pay attention to the foods below and how they affect your hormone levels to stay healthy, always!

Too many candy bars
When you eat food that has too much added sugar, it could lead to weight gain. Excess pounds can lead to your body becoming resistant to insulin. Insulin is a hormone that helps move sugar in to the blood stream, so that the cells in your body can get the energy they need.

Being stressed…late at night!

As night time approaches, levels of cortisol – the stress hormone, tend to drop…however, if you remain anxious and stay tense during the night time, there will be a surge of this hormone. So, try and relax your mind and it will keep your cortisol levels in check.

Deprivation of Sleep
When you sleep, the levels of leptin in your body will increase, this is a signal to your body, that you do not want to eat anything. If you do not get adequate amount of sleep, when you toss and turn in your bed, it will lead to producing not enough leptin, and you will begin feeling more hungry the next day and this will make you more prone to weight gain.

When you consume a lot of caffeine, the stress hormone is released more than it normally should be produced. With this, you tend to feel more anxious and are pushed out of a mindset that allows you to sleep well. Keep the amounts of caffeine low, try and consume just 2 or maximum 3 cups of coffee, that too before 3 or 4 in the evening.

Lack of Exercise
When your body does not get the right amount of exercise, it tends to reduce the production and release of endorphins, hormones that make you feel good. Endorphins make you feel good and also keep you alert. They increase your sex hormones and help keep your immune system in shape. When you exercise daily, your body will produce more endorphins.

Tweak your lifestyle just a little bit and be careful about what you eat, you will notice a definite change in how you feel. You can speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and you can also get in touch with a Homeopath to learn about natural and herbal remedies and foods that will positively affect your hormone levels to keep your body and mind in shape.