It happens to the best of us! We wake up feeling like we could go to sleep for a few more hours, or maybe stay in bed all day. That lackadaisical feeling can take over, and we feel like doing absolutely nothing. Fluctuating moods not only affect our day to day lives but also affect the relationships with the people we love.

The way we feel depends on many factors, there could be a certain sadness or a trigger that causes us to feel sad, depressed or anxious, but sometimes, without any apparent reason, we may switch from being happy to downright sad in an instant.

Our hormones play a critical role in how we feel; it is vital to ensure that our hormones stay balanced to enjoy a comfortable and anxiety free life. Serotonin, endorphins and progesterone are three hormones that can affect the way our mood is, and balancing these is important.

A few things that we can do to balance our hormones, naturally, are as follows:


The production of stress hormones can be influenced by the way we breathe. We must breathe slow, long breaths that allow the tummy to move in and out. This suggests to the body that we are calm. It also helps balancing the sex hormone and aids digestion.

Good Digestion

Ensuring that our food is well digested allows us to keep our hormones in check. Proper digestion ensures that the nutrients we get from our food is absorbed well and therefore assisting in building hormones necessary for good mental and physical health. A few ways in which we can assist proper digestion is by eating whole and real foods, by chewing the food well and eating in a relaxed fashion. Avoiding processed food helps too.


Exercise is critical to keep our hormones levels in check. We do not need to spend hours in the gym, a few rounds around the block can help do wonders for good health by keeping our hormone levels in check. A sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental to health, so stay active and stay healthy.

Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can stay healthy in mind and body by adoption a natural lifestyle to keep your hormones balanced.