Is it that time of the year again when you wish you could lose some weight so that you can fit in to that dress you have been wanting to wear? Or has the doctor asked you to cut down on your sugar content, because your body needs it. Well, if you wish to curb your sugar cravings, there are ways of doing it. Below are a few ideas that you could use to keep down those sugar urges and still enjoy every meal you eat.

High Protein Breakfast
Make sure that the first meal of the day is high on protein. Try and include at least 15-20 g of protein so that you can maintain a blood sugar level that is steady through the day. Sugar craving are usually a result of the blood sugar level spiking and then coming down too low. When you can regulate these levels, you can avoid cravings for sugar.

Treat yourself to different egg preparations everyday or a super nutritious smoothies, rich in proteins is a good idea too.

Healthy Fats
Your body needs its dose of fats, but it is ideal that you choose fats that are healthy instead of choosing fats that simply pack on the pounds without really helping health. Good fats sources include coconut oil. If you cannot stomach it by itself, you can simply use it in your cooking.

Artificial Sweeteners
Stay off artificial sweeteners. While they are sugar free, they may lead to increasing your sugar cravings. Zero calories artificial sweeteners tend to reduce dopamine levels in the brain and leave the body with an intense craving for sugar.

Get a Minimum Of 8 Hours of sleep at Night
Leptin and ghrelin are two hormones that are commonly associated with hunger. Leptin causes one to feel satisfied and Ghrelin serves as a trigger for hunger. When one is sleep deprived, leptin production decreases and ghrelin production receives a spike, making your body crave sweets.

So, in case you are the victim of unstoppable sweet cravings then you should indeed try the ideas that have been suggested above. Try and include foods in your diet that are healthy, you can speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn what foods will do you good. You should also consider getting in touch with a Homeopath so that you can learn about natural and herbal alternatives that can help you crave sugar cravings.