It happens to the best of us. Our minds are often plagued with so many thoughts, that even taking the simplest of decisions get the better of us. We get confused and this leads to making life stressful. A wired and tired mind is the worst that can happen to you on a day that needs you to be at your sharpest best.

Cluttered minds need to be cleared. A simple 5 minute detox early in the morning can help you get a headstart and have a great day that is stress free and has you on your very best. Here are a few ideas, pick any one or alternate them for a couple of days and see what suits you best.

Nature is your friend
The natural rhythm of bodies is kick started by natural light. Our brain too loves natural scenery. Wake up and walk outside, and soak in the best that nature has to offer for just 5 minutes. Look up at the sky, listen to the chirping of birds and feel the warm sunlight on your face. Once you connect with nature, you will connect with yourself as well.

Be Grateful
When you have a heart that is filled with gratitude, there will be no room for fear, anger or stress. Take five minutes when you wake up to write about the things that you are grateful for. It could be very simple things like your family, your friends, the food you eat, your work and absolutely anything else. Doing this will make you realize how blessed you are and you can further focus on the task at hand.

Indulge in a Digi-Detox
Many of us start our day by reaching for our phone. The trouble here is that our minds get influenced by what we read and it determines how the day ahead follows. Give yourself five minutes, where you look within and not outside.

Positive inspiring words early in the morning can really gear you up for the day ahead. Keep a book of positive words by your bedside and reach for it when you wake up. This will help you tune your mind in a positive direction and stay happy and focused.

meditation indeed has a host of benefits. It affects the mind, body and soul in a positive manner. Tune everything out for 5 minutes when you wake up in the morning. Breathe deeply and see how easy connecting with yourself truly is.

You can get in touch with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or speak with a Homeopath to learn how you lead a natural life to find focus and success.