I was suffering from piles and blackouts since I was 16 years of age. I came to Canada when I was 20 years of age and was living with my relatives. They used to go to Dr. Suri when anyone in their family was sick. They brought me to Dr. Suri Centre. After my consultation with Dr H. Suri I was sent home with 2 different Homeopathic Medicines. I was told to take my medicine alternatively for 2 weeks and call to inform the centre of any change. After 2 weeks I called the centre and informed then that my piles were gone and I started to feel I had more energy. I then had a follow-up after which one of my medicines changed and Dr Suri told me that my blackouts would take time to cure as it is a deeper problem. After 3 months had past my blackouts became the past too. I would recommend Dr Suri to all.

Dhana Singh