To ensure that your fertility levels are on track it is essential to get regular exercise; however, you need to understand that this exercise needs to be consistent and moderate in nature.

Rigorous exercise can play a role in causing hormonal imbalance, can throw ovulation cycles out of balance, change one’s menstrual cycle and in some cases could also lead to stoppage of periods prematurely.

When you exercise in a manner that is moderate and regular, it can help in the following ways with healthy conception:

– Regulate hormonal balance
– Strengthen muscles of the uterus to support the growing fetus
– Improvement in circulation by promoting a healthy heart
– Reduces anxiety and stress
– Keeps digestive issues that are troublesome in check
– Elimination of excessive toxins and hormones from the body

Couples who wish to conceive will shift to a healthier lifestyle by eating healthy, switching to moderate consumption of alcohol, sugar, detoxification and reduce stress, exercise is also an essential part of this new health plan.

A few exercises that are great to keep you healthy and are not too stressful like brisk walking or jogging and yoga or pilates. These help increase your heart rate but do not exhaust your body and make you ready for positive fertility.

Choose an exercise regimen that is not only moderate, but also appeals to you, one that makes you feel happy, one that will not require you to pull yourself out of bed every morning, but will happily make you embrace it.

Too much exercise is not a good thing for conception. When stress hormones like adrenalin get into overdrive, they lead to an altered state of hormonal levels, which affects the functioning of the reproductive system.

Women with low body fat may seem desirable, but infertility has also been linked with it. Women who have low body fat often face a problem with their menstrual cycle and ovulation.

Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with s Homeopath to learn how you can naturally work towards a healthy reproductive life and maintain fertility by eating the right food. Do not indulge in excessive exercise, but be sure to get enough of what you like doing.



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