For those who are familiar with what Antibiotic Resistance, let us throw some light on the matter. It is a situation when bacteria will no longer be sensitive to certain antibiotic and will keep festering and surviving despite the intake of medicine. In this case the bacteria changes itself and the antibiotic has no effect in it, the bacteria wins this fight and continues to stay inside the body.

You may wonder why this happens, and it could be contributes to the misuse or overuse of certain medication, where your body simply becomes immune to certain medication/antibiotics.

If you have indeed resistant to certain antibiotics you may experience the following:

– The infection will last longer
– Since the bacteria cannot be destroyed you may be at the risk of experiencing complications as well as secondary illnesses
– You may become infectious towards others as well as yourself for a longer period of time

There are ways in which you can prevent this from taking place in the first place:
– Avoid taking antibiotics if you are suffering from the common cold or flu, this is a viral infection and does
not need to be treated as a bacterial one

– Speak with your doctor and suggest that you would only like to be prescribed antibiotics if they are
absolutely necessary
– If you have been prescribed, be sure to finish the entire course, leaving it half way, could lead the bacteria
to adjust and change to its effects
– If you eat animal products, choose to eat organic varieties

Ideally, the best way to stay off this problem is to stay healthy. Eat natural. Try alternate forms of therapy such as Homeopathy. Speak with a Homeopath to learn how you can treat common illnesses in the natural way. Also speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how you can eat healthy and natural to stay well.