We all want to live long and healthy lives. We want to see our children get married, we want to play with their children and if health and life permits, we want to travel the world. However, if we do not take care of our health and do not keep an eye out for diseases that can be prevented, we may never get the chance to truly live.

The good news is that, the human body has disease sensors, and when you learn to recognize them, you can identify some of the most deadly diseases in time and take appropriate medication to keep them at bay.

Spotting warning signs early is a must and a few self-checks can indeed help you stay in the best of health. There has been much awareness for breast cancer, and you are probably aware of how one can spot knots in one’s breast, therefore, we are going to discuss a few other self-checks that you must conduct on a regular basis.

Check your Nails

Check for dark lines on the beds of your nails
Skin cancer does not just show itself in the form of large sized moles, in fact, the disease could also surface beneath your nails. Black, yellowish or brown stripes could possibly be a sign of cell damage caused by melanoma, which is indeed the most deadliest form of skin cancer. When detected early, in 95% cases it is curable. If you do come across these steps, take an appointment with your dermatologist to know more.

Check for Bright White Stripes

White spots under your nails is a common occurrence. However, if you notice long white bands, and are feeling tired now and then, it could mean that your kidneys are in trouble. These bands could basically indicate that your kidneys are not functioning optimally and are unable to filter the protein from your urine. This could also lead to kidney failure if you do not have it checked immediately.

Check Your Armpits

Check for patches of dark, rough skin
If you do notice patches of rough and dry skin on your armpits, it could mean that you have diabetes. When you have an excess of insulin in your blood, it could lead to cells multiplying abnormally quickly and could also cause a build up of melanin and tissue. This could occur in the groin area, armpits and neck, where the skin could start looking darker and feel thicker. A simple blood test can help you rule out diabetes.

Check Your Knees, Eyelids And Elbows

Check for soft and small lumps that look waxy or white
Well, the good news is that you do not zits, however, there is bad news as well, and that is, that they could be deposits of cholesterol. The sad thing is that, these will surface once your levels of cholesterol are already very high. Cholesterol is a very serious risk factor for heart disease. Working towards reducing cholesterol levels can help you slash your chances for heart disease by one third.

See your doctor and get ready to make some lifestyle changes to lower your cholesterol levels to stay healthy.

Check Your Scalp

Check for thinning hair
Excessive hair loss is a sign of thyroid disorder. Check with your doctor when you feel that the hair in your brush or in your drain is more than normal. There could be a problem with your thyroid gland, and it should be checked and treated immediately to regulate the hormones.

Check to see if your scalp is shedding
If you’re suddenly see snow-white flakes on your shoulders, it could be possible that you are stressing too much. This happens because in a stressful condition, your body produces much of a hormone cortisol. In fact, this does not only affect your scalp, but affects your metabolism and affects your immune system as well. While a shampoo can help, you have to take a look at your lifestyle as well, try and stress less, sleep better and also breathe deeply.

Check Your Belly

Check for dark, thick hair like a stubble in a diamond shape
Rough and coarse hair that grows towards your belly button as apposed to downwards towards your pubic bone, could mean that you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

This condition takes place when there is overproduction of androgens, which leads to one having irregular periods, acne, weight gain, thick and dark hair on the face, chest, belly and back. The condition is very common in women and could lead to problems like heart disease and infertility. Your gynecologist will provide you with birth control pills to keep the levels of hormones in check.

Check Your Tongue

Check for an orange, white or yellow coating
This basically means that the acid instead of staying in your stomach, make their way back up the esophagus and into your mouth because the one way valve at the bottom of the esophagus is not functioning optimally. Acid reflux leads to the contents of your stomach making way in to your throat, and your tongue is left covered with digestive acids leading you to have horrible breath.

See a doctor, avoid spicy food and get the problem checked.

Check Your Eyes

Your under-eye circles refuse to go away
This could mean that you have allergies that you are not aware of. Allergens tend to cause your body to release histamine, which causes blood vessels to swell up with other fluids and blood, causing dark patches in areas where the skin is the thinnest. A doctor will prescribe a skin test to learn which allergen is causing this.

Yellow bump on the eyeball
This could be a harmless condition known as pinguecula. This happens when an excess of collagen collects and causes an overgrowth due to sun damage, wind or dust. Keeping your eyes moist and protecting them from the sun will reduce further growth.

A few self-checks can indeed help you detect and treat ailments that could make you very ill. So, make sure to conduct these simple checks every day and stay healthy. You should also get in touch with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how you can eat well to prevent disease. Today, a lot of people are turning to more natural methods of treatment like homeopathy too, to keep their body strong and mind healthy, you should too.