Look around your home, look around your room to start with, and if there are things lying around that haven’t used in the last six months, it is likely that you are never going to use it again. Clutter around you can not only make your home and office untidy, but it can also lead to making your mind restless. De-cluttering your home, office, life and mind has a number of advantages and the faster you understand it, stop hoarding, and take action, you will be happier, healthier and more calm.

Let’s start by understanding, what it is that contribute to clutter in your home or office?

More often than not, if you open your closet, you will realize that more than 80% of the clothes that are in it, have not been worn for ages. It is likely that you will not wear them again as well.

Realizing that you need to clear the clutter is half the battle won. It will take you a day, may be two, to identify and let go of clothes that may be lying around your closet for years. Identify these clothes and prepare to give them to charity.

Arrange a few boxes in your room, organize them: For keeps, charity, friends, or anywhere else you would like them, except in your closet.

After you are done with this exercise, you will not only feel good, but your closet will look good, and you will find clothes that you never could under all that rubble.

If you have kids at home, there will be toys all around the place. On the kitchen counter, in the bedroom, on the stairs, in the toilet, basically everywhere. The cure to this is to organize your storage system better and train your kids to help you.

Train your kids to keep their toys in the right place after they are done playing with them, and reward them if they do. The habit has to be inculcated in kids, and that will only happen, if they see you be as organized.

Home Office
It could be a little desk at home that you pay your bills from, or where you work from, or even at the office. Clutter at the workplace can drain all your energy and focus and leave you feeling restless. Be sure to organize your desk. File the bills that have ben paid, file the bills that are still to be paid. Do not leave loose sheet of paper lying around.

Make sure your storage system for stationary is in place and put back what you use always. Have a folder for visiting cards and use it.

It is going to be an effort, but when you make being organized a habit, you will notice that clutter will never be a problem again. You will be amazed at the way life will change, and yes, it will change for the better.

You can also speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or a Homeopath, if you wish to learn about how you can energize your mind, body and soul to live and eat better as well.