Don’t you just hate those days when your favourite jeans do not fit, you feel sluggish, you do not feel like looking at yourself in the mirror, and you feel stuffy like you have eaten a mountain. It is a common feeling to feel bloated, but there are ways that you can combat it, and the answer lies in your diet.

This amazing herb is known to be anti-spasmodic, which means it can help settle the uneasy cramping that usually comes before the bloating. You could choose to brew it into your tea, or you could even consume a food grade capsule to feel better.

Carry some with you in case you need to get rid of that bloat in an emergency. It’s natural and it helps capture that gas that could lead you to any embarrassment. Ideally, it should be used only in case of emergency. Log term usage could turn your poop black. Also, ensure that you do not use it in combination with certain medication, as it could block absorption.

Chinese medicine suggests, that we have energy meridian lines that are extremely powerful and run along our shins while supporting digestion. Kneel with your shins folded under you for a while to feel better. The ground helps in providing pressure to the digestive acupuncture points.

The digestive tract makes muscular movements that are smooth and are known as peristalsis. This helps push the food through the gut for digestion. When you gently massage your belly clockwise, the same direction as the peristalsis, you are speeding up the movement of gas.

Gentle exercise to help in aiding peristalsis. Moving your abdomen and increasing your breathing rate will do the trick.

Ginger in any form can help settle bloating as it is a very strong digestive aid. It helps to provide relief from a host of gastronomical issues such as vomiting and bloating.

You should make an appointment with Hermeet Singh Suri (HOM, BSc., RHN, Epigeneticist) at The Homeopathic Plus Centre to learn how you can incorporate natural ways to defy bloating and lead a healthy life.