What you eat reflects on your body, how you look and how you feel. Your body needs a detox from time to time. Eating unhealthy can lead you to feeling, tired, sluggish and bloated and the only way to escape from this horrendous feeling is giving your body some respite by way of a detox. If you wish to lose weight too, a detox is indeed a great idea.

Reduce the amount of alcohol, dairy, sugar, caffeine and carbs from your diet and include these five amazing foods to feel great and also lose weight.

Polyphenols that are found in tea leaves are great to detoxify your body. Be sure to read the labels of specially made detoxifying teas as some of them may have caffeine in them, which is something you do not want to consume when detoxifying your body.

Cabbage is made of 92 percent water and is a natural diuretic. It helps your body get rid of all excess fluids. Cabbage is also very rich in some dietary fibers, vitamins like C, K, E, A and folic acid as well.

Garlic is a super food that has an excellent reputation for a detox. Garlic not only helps lower your levels of cholesterol, but also helps prevent cardiovascular disease and can also help you to distress.

Chlorophyll found in plant-based foods will help rid your body of environmental toxins that prove to be harmful for your body. Greens also help your liver for detoxification. They serve as natural antibiotics and also are blood cleansers; greens can also help in reducing thinning blood, blood pressure and blood flats.

Water is indeed the best source for a detox. Have a few cups in the morning, during before a meal and also after and during a work out. Water helps flush out your kidneys, liver and hydrates your body too.

A few changes to your eating habits can help you detoxify your system and stay healthy. Be sure to follow a detoxification diet that helps you lose weight and stay healthy. You should consult a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to find out more about what foods are great to include in a detoxification diet. The Holistic Nutritionist will study your body type, lifestyle and condition to prescribe a diet that is tailor made for you. Homeopathy too has great solutions that can help you achieve objectives of a detox, so get in touch with a homeopathic center to learn which supplements you can use to keep your body clean.