Most of us what is known as the ‘dieting mentality’. We tend to attach a numerical value to being fit, and obsess about being the ideal weight. However, instead of counting on weight as the determining factor for good health, why don’t you focus on inches. See how your clothes feel, if they tend to be tighter, then it is time to lose weight.

However, what you should know, is that going on a crash diet is not going to help, you do not need to and you should not obsess about how much you weigh, but you should focus on being healthy and being fit.

Make a healthy diet a part of your lifestyle and follow it to the Tee. It is definitely easier that way to reach and ideal weight and then maintain it, as apposed to try and lose all your weight at once and then keep obsessing about it.

A long-term focus on health is what you should be looking at. Map all your weight loss and weight maintenance concepts and ideas towards that eventual goal of a healthy and fit life in the long run.

Try and allow yourself to have goals like, I wish to have more energy, I will to be more fit, I wish to be able to run around with my grand children without feeling tired, I wish to climb the stairs of my apartment building without losing breath and so on.

Do not obsess about numbers, they will keep fluctuating and in the long run will only mess up your peace of mind. It may take a while to reach where you want to be, but once you have reached there, and your healthy diet is a part of your lifestyle, you will note that you do not need to obsess about the weighing scale anymore.

Trust your body, and give it what it needs on a regular basis and you will see that staying healthy and enjoying a healthy life is not difficult after all.