There has been a significant rise in Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the western world over the last few years. There have a host of thoughts, medication and treatments that have come in to the fore and instead of solving the problem, it has only made it worse.

Everything is affected by ones digestive system
When there is a dysfunction in the body, no matter where it is, the entire body tends to get affected.

Treating gut bacteria
There are a few digestive disorders that can be linked to genetics. IBD has a genetic footprint and a lot of specialists tend to get stuck to this theory. Mother nature has given us 2.2 million genes in the micobiome, compared to 23000 that we get from our parents. Good and bad bacteria, fungi and yeast contribute to these genes that are present on our skin and within the intestinal tract.

Scientists believe that the microbiome determines if we live a healthy, energetic and vibrant life. The microbes found in our gut determine the strength of our immune system. When the microbiome is nurtured, it performs well and keeps us alert by fuelling our mind, as most of our neurotransmitters are in our gut.

80 – 90% of the serotonin is produced in our gut. People who are depressed have a very low production of serotonin. The gut is responsible to keep us energetic by ensuring the proper absorption and the assimilation of nutrients.

Don’t stress
There is no disease that does not have stress as a contributor. Chronic stress can do serious damage and we tend to experience different kinds of stress through the course of our lives like mental, physical, nutritional and thermal.

The funny thing is that, though we may know the difference, our body does not know the difference. The body considers stress to be a threat, however it’s not all bad, it works as the body’s survival mechanism. Stress has a purpose, however, it has to be managed, or else it can do great harm. Techniques like yoga and meditation can be practiced to keep it in check.

What are you eating?
The food that we consume forms the foundation of how the body functions. What we eat, becomes us. Consuming foods that are natural, organic and clean is important if we wish to maintain good digestive health. Avoid processed foods, caffeine, alcohol and smoking if you wish to remain in digestive bliss.

If you wish to lead a health life, you must know that it starts with the gut, keep your gut healthy. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can enjoy a natural life and enjoy every moment of it.