In order to lead a good life, the key is to stay happy and healthy. A few habits that you take on can make a world of a difference to the way you look at life and the way your body behaves. It may take a little effort to tweak your mind and what you eat, but if you make a conscious effort, you can ensure that you will truly achieve happiness and the peace of mind that you are constantly looking for.

1. Make drinking a glass of water the first thing as you wake up, a habit
When you drink a glass of water as you wake up, it helps activate your digestive system and rehydrates your body from the previous night. A few positive effects that you may notice include, clearer skin and your digestion problems will seem to disappear. You could also squeeze some fresh lemon juice in to it or add a tea spoon of apple cider vinegar for positive effects.

2. Forget about your phone and email
Is your mobile phone the first thing you grab when you wake up in the morning, if yes, then you should consider letting go of this habit. When you post pone this need to check your email or facebook feed by just an hour after your wake up, you will notice that you will tend to be more happy, focused and your mind will be a lot clearer.

3. Be thankful – for just one thing!
If you wake up in the morning and are grateful for just one thing…your day will be filled with positivity.

4. Take a deep breadth
Step out for a few moments as you wake up. It may be cold outside, but brave it for a few minutes to fill your lungs with fresh air. It will help you feel alive and help your breathing too.

5. Get moving!
You do not need to indulge in work out before you eat your breakfast, but moving your body a little, doing some household chores can help the blood to get flowing and make you feel energetic. Stretch a little, put on your favorite song on your ipod and do some work around the house.

6. Eat a healthy breakfast
Create a beautiful breakfast, one that is healthy and packs you with energy to last the day! Try eggs, soaked oats and smoothies to get you going.

Develop a ritual that you can follow for a happy and healthy life and see your life change. You can choose to speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or you can connect with a Homeopath to learn about a natural and herbal remedies that will help you lead a happy and healthy life.