After 4 years of my clinic opening, one day a mother brought her 16 years old daughter for the treatment of her face Acne. Upon one of the follow-up, she brought her another 12 years old daughter to tag along with visitation. I observed a flat facial profile, up slanting eyes, unusual eyelids (known as epicanthic folds), a flat nasal bridge, small ears, smaller limbs, smaller body frame, and a small head. After a little while I noticed some symptoms of speech delay, which are common for children with Down syndrome. On this, with hesitation, I asked the mother if she would like me treat her younger child who looks to me a case of Down Syndrome? She was doubtful as she was told that this is a genetic problem and cannot be treated.

To her surprise, I mentioned that through my personal research I have found many successful treatments in Homeopathy have resulted in 90% normality of the children.

Well, having cured her elder daughter’s Acne, she decided to try the treatment for Downs’ Syndrom, as it was safe, natural and with no side effects.

I had told her, we will take it slowly as this is dealing with the mental plane.

February 2011: The day we started with a Detox remedy.
March 2011: First dose given at clinic for treatment.
April 2011: Child cut down biting of toe nail and finger nails; Less aggression towards mother and sister
May 2011: Child stopped biting toenail completely and less frequent fingernail biting. Less hesitation to meet new people, decreased shyness, more eye contact; not hiding behind mother during consultation; more calmer then before. Gave next dose in Clinic.
June 2011: Facial changes toward normal; 5% finger nail biting; Less shy, Spoke more in clinic, Teacher in school sent comment to mother that child was more aware of the surrounding and concentration was better, retention and understanding of information was better then before, in general a lot of improvement.
August 2011: More facial change toward normal. No more biting of nails, 10% shyness, said “Hi” (first time on her own), sat on chair and adjust her skirt to keep decent, was happy to be in the clinic (this was a first also), spoke on her own when asked family about there coming vacation, Mother told me that her behavior at home has changed in that she is more independent, more active with home activities, better adjustment with sister and concentration and memory is better. She also is taking the initiative to do house work. Repeated clinical remedy.
Dec 3rd, 2011: Progress in behaviour and mental apptitude has drastically improved. More independent behaviour as per mothers observation. Motor skills improved (walking, running), less clumsy. Self maintainence improved.
Jan 28th, 2012: Today the mother indicated progress in the following areas. When the child is asked a question the answers are more accurate then before, she is talking more with people and is better in communication skills, her memory is better and she has been transferred to normal children class for GYM and is now showing symptoms of stubborness.
So far I am really happy with the progress I have seen in the child. I am seeing the transformation into a normal mental and physical child. My research has indicated that up to 90% improvement can be done with these children. We shall wait and see.

My next update will be before the end of September on this Case.