Yes, strength training can indeed help you get in to the best shape, but you have to combine it with attention to the right diet as well. It is difficult to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time, simply because your body would need to build and break elements down at the same time. However, if you eat well, and consume the right nutrients, you can work towards attaining your desired fitness goals.

To meet your fitness objectives, you have to consume calories, however, not just any calories. Focus on eating foods that are rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals and not foods that just pack pounds. You have to gain your calories from the right carbs, fats and proteins that your body requires.

Pen it down
Make it a habit to pen down the food that you eat. You do not have to do this on a daily basis, but doing so, will help you get in to the habit of eating healthy and more importantly, eating right. Your log should track your fitness objectives with the food that you are consuming, and therefore be able to help you make adjustments accordingly.

Watch When You Eat
You have to be very careful about when you eat, and it has to be around your work out schedule. Your pre work out meal should be rich in carbs and contain a small amount of protein. Your post work out meal, or the meal that aids in recovery should be indulged in just 15 mins after your work out and should contain protein and carbs.

Rest Days
Try and reduce the amount of calories you in take on rest days.

Avoid Hunger
One great trick to avoid hunger getting the better of you is to eat smaller portions of well-balanced meals all through the day.

Don’t Hurry!
Savor your food and eat extremely slowly. The stomach will take some time to tell your brain that it is full and therefore, you have to make space and time for that, or else, you will just keep eating.

Be Kind to Yourself
Follow the 90/10% rule which basically means that ninety percent of what you consume should be rich in nutritional content and 10% of what you eat should be of what you strongly crave and that may not be nutritionally rich.

By simply adhering to these easy tips, you can indeed get the best out of your workouts and your diet. You should get in touch with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn which foods will help you maximize performance on a sustainable basis. In fact, you should also consult with a homeopath to know how you can get the best from all your training while consuming some great natural homeopathic remedies as well.