The space you live in can make a great difference to how you feel and how you perceive life. If you are the kind of person who likes to doll up your home with a fresh batch of beautiful flowers every morning, then the information below is surely going to help you. 

However, the list of exotic houseplants mentioned below, are very different from those that you normally dress up your home with and you can be sure that these plants will make you feel a whole lot different and full of life and give you home a much welcomed makeover.

The abutilon has maple like leaves and therefore is also called the flowering maple. The bell shaped flowers of this hibiscus relative vary in color ranging from gold to salmon to rose. When you place it in your home make sure that it is placed in an area that gets bright light and it also needs regular watering.

Some begonias may be grown for their beautiful flowers, but it’s the fancy leaves that make it a class apart. The leaf patterns found surface in colors of burgundy, silver, purple and green making them look absolutely gorgeous. The suitable setting for this houseplant is an indirect bright light and average room temperatures. Overwatering should be avoided, but regular and light watering is a must.

Depending on the variety, the caladium is known for its beautiful heart shaped leaves in colors of rose, white or red. The plant requires moderate to very bright light and relatively warm temperature. Stick to regular fertilizing and maintaining high humidity levels for good results.

Also referred to as Joseph’s Coat given their glossy, deep green leaves with amazing shades of red, orange and gold, the croton makes a great houseplant. Bright light is ideal for them and they need to be misted every day during the winter months.

The hibiscus is a favorite for many, and why shouldn’t it be, as this tropical beauty produces some great vibrant flowers. To get the best flowers from this plant it must be kept in warm temperatures and bright light. To reduce spider mites, the plant needs to be misted daily during winter months.

This foliage plant, also a wax plant is usually used with trained up supports or is kept in baskets. A few hoya species may have twisted and variegated leaves and under bright light they produce star shaped and beautiful smelling flowers.

Adding some life into your home with some fragrant, beautiful and exotic houseplants is a great idea. It not only makes your home look beautiful, but also helps you in feeling great.

Over and above thinking of ways to keep your home looking great, you should also focus on your health by visiting a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to find out which foods in your home can make a difference to your health. In fact, one must also take out time and meet with a homeopath to learn of solutions that can make a difference to one’s health.