After my 2 brothers and son died in an accident 8 years ago I was devastated and for 7.5 years my husband tried to help me through the depression by showing me to many Doctors. I was told that I would suddenly throw and break things; I would on occasion not recognize people; and I made many trips to the hospital. All of that information is provided to me by my husband as I don’t remember much of that time.

What I do remember is the last part of the year. My husband had met Mr. H. Suri at my sister’s house while he was visiting his family in India. After talking to him for 1 hr he told him to see him tomorrow. When my husband visited him he gave him 2 different medicines and told him to give me the first medicine and then wait for 3 months before giving the second. The first day after the first remedy I can remember as all I did was cry. I remember everything from then on. My husband and I started to see hope. In 3 months I started to get involved with social events and then I received my 2nd medicine on the 3rd month.

After that, all I can say is that I started to remember my brothers and son and asked my family to tell me more things that happened while I was not well. In short I started to face the truth and could deal with the loss by talking about it.

I would like to thank Mr Suri for all of his help – He Truly Changed My Life

Neera Kaur