The New Year is coming close, and it’s time to put pen to paper and make a list of resolutions that once again you are not going to keep. However, while it is important to be realistic about your resolutions, it is also important to try and meet them. If weight loss is one of the top items on your list and you sincerely do wish to lose weight, but do not want to starve yourself, you have to learn how you can make the most of this exercise.

Eating fatty foods will make you fat, but there are some fats that your body actually needs and craves for, and when you pick healthy fats, you can indeed lose weight. Trans fat that is found in baked goods and in pie crusts, saturated fats found in grain fed meats and processed foods along with hefty calories can do much harm to your body. Healthy fats on the other hand bring a host of health benefits as they positively affect your metabolism, and also cut your hunger cravings.

Some of the most delicious fatty foods can help you lose weight, read on to know more.

Grass-Fed Beef
While Grass fed beef may be a little pricey, you really can’t put a price on staying healthy. Grass fed beef contains very high levels of omega 3-fatty acids that help fight heart disease. Grass fed beef is naturally lean, and therefore you can be sure that with lesser calories you will not put on too much weight.

Olive Oil
Olive Oil has a host of health benefits and making it part of your daily diet can help improve your health tremendously. Olive Oil is a rich source of cancer fighting polyphenols and monounsaturated fats that strengthen the heart. As far as olive oil for weight loss is concerned, people who follow a diet that contains olive oil are known to produce higher levels of adiponectin, a hormone that breaks down fat in one’s body. Therefore, consuming more olive oil will result in lower BMI. Switch to olive oil for cooking and also use it when you make dressing for your salads for leaner results.

Coconut may be high in saturated fats, but 50% of the fat comes from a lauric acid, a lipid that helps fight harmful bacteria and improves one’s cholesterol levels. A dietary supplement of coconut oil helps reduce abdominal obesity.

Dark Chocolate
If you love chocolate and have decided to leave it out of your shopping list because you want to lose weight, well, you do not need to. Just switch your loyalties to dark chocolate instead. Consuming 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate before a meal can help you consume up to 17 calories less. The reason is that dark chocolate contains cocoa butter, which is source of digestion slowing stearic acid. Dark chocolate also takes longer to process in your body and therefore can help make your cravings for fatty foods lesser and helps you lose weight.

A few foods can indeed help you lose weight without starving yourself. Pick the right fats and speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist so that you can create a good diet that helps with your weight loss goals and helps you maintain good health as well. A homeopath too could help you with great ideas that can expedite your weight loss goals.