A natural detoxifying agent, which can be used both externally with poultices as well as internally, it can be used for full body applications and can be used by way of detoxifying clay baths as well.

In case you are a victim of heavy metal poisoning or radiation build-up, this remedy is indeed a good idea. Consider the benefits of Calcium Bentonite clay to rid your body of harmful toxins.

Each and every cell in our body excretes waste materials, if these are allowed to fester, they can become poisonous. They need to be filtered out of the system. You know you are suffering from toxic build-up, when the following symptoms surface: aching-stiff joints, mental dullness, high acidity, acid reflux, digestive problems, fatigue and bloating.

The primary causes of disease can be fought by paying attention to three very basic aspects: Nutrition, exercise and detoxification. Drinking a lot of water and sweating it out can help flush your body of toxic build-up. Clay therapy however can do wonders and is a natural way to clean your system.

It is the safest, least expensive and one of the safest ways of detoxification. It is extremely non invasive and when properly used, it can do absolutely no harm. It is indeed a wondrous mineral, however, when you do use it, be sure that you use the correct product, based on how you wish to use it, whether internally, externally or as a bath. Follow the instructions, and rid your body of toxic build-up in a safe and easy manner.

Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can use the benefits of this clay for the greater good of you body.