With the introduction of smartphones, there has been an addiction that has surpassed the ordinary. People all over the world have become so addicted to the device, maybe to videos or stay active on social media or click photographs, and the addiction is taking a toll on health worldwide.

Addiction to one’s smartphone can have adverse effects on one’s behaviour. It can interfere with our daily lives by bringing to the fore classic addiction symptomology. It could affect brain function, productivity, our well-being, affect work-life balance and also interfere with our personal lives.

It is crucial that we take on a digital detox from time to time, given the benefits below:

– You think more clearly with less distraction
– Less Anxiety – More Peace
– You tend to be less reactive and more creative
– You are more focused
– You feel more empowered
– Your personal relationships are stronger
– You sleep better
– You become more conscious of what you drink and eat

Get De-Addicted
Smartphones are indeed extremely addictive, but they are useful too. There are a bunch of things you could alternatively do to reduce your dependence on smartphones.

Alarm Clock
You set the alarm on your smartphone to ensure you wake up on time. Invest in an alarm clock instead. A bid for the phone turns in to checking emails, and the social media and then clicking a few selfies. Head for the buzzer on the alarm clock instead and reduce dependence.

Smartphone Hacks
Reorganize your apps, pertinent and non-pertinent ones. This would ensure that you pay less attention to platforms that you can avoid and use the ones you want. Changing to Grayscale will help bolster battery life and will not tempt you to check out the colourful apps.

Phone-Free Zone
Set some rules for the family. Put up boards for some fun. Label a few areas as being phone-free. The Bedroom, dining room and living room would be ideal places to start with.

Turn Off
Most of us today, bring work home with us. We tend to go on and on to ensure we meet deadlines and ensure that things are on track. However, we need to know when and where to draw the line. Find ways to manage your time better.

Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can lead a healthy life and focus on a good life and avoid digital dependence.