If you wish to turn a healthy leaf, then you should indeed consider including flaxseeds in your diet. Fall in love with these crunchy seeds with one bite. Here are a few benefits that you can do with as part of your life.

Glossy hair and smooth skin

Flaxseeds contain B Vitamins, healthy fats and a host of minerals that help keep your hair and skin in fabulous condition. Just include a tablespoon in your diet, and it will help reduce flakiness and redness and also majorly help in reducing acne, eczema and rosacea.

Use flaxseed oil post a shower to moisturize your body; it will help nourish your skin from the outside in.

Reduces the Risk of Breast, Endometrial and Ovarian Cancer

The magical nutrient lignin has a host of healing powers and flaxseeds are a rich source of it.

If you consume flaxseeds regularly, it can help reduce the risk of ovarian, endometrial and breast cancer.

More nutrients are absorbed into your food

Flaxseeds contain high levels of mucilage gum, which is excellent for your gut. Flaxseed allows the food to stay in your stomach longer, which ensures that nutrients are absorbed well.

Great for weight loss

They contain a lot of fibre, which means that when you consume flaxseeds, you will feel full for longer and not get hungry soon after eating and crave seconds.

Be sure to include flaxseeds in your diet for a healthy life.  Make an appointment with Hermeet Singh Suri (HOM, BSc., RHN, Epigeneticist) at The Homeopathic Plus Centre and learn how you can do so.